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NOO2 - Development of an efficient oxygen elimination technology for reducing oxygen content in landfill gas for fuel quality (NOO2)
Date du début: 1 oct. 2013, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

European policy targets to increase the utilization of renewable energy sources. Biogas is one of the possible solutions for achieving these targets. Although agriculture and waste water are the main sources of biogas, landfills, collecting municipal waste, have huge potential, too. There are about 3000 landfills operating in the EU, accepting ~100 million tons of municipal waste per year. The potential (theoretic) calorific energy content of the gas produced from such amount is ca. 24 billion kWh, equal to the energy need of ca. 2 million European households.Despite the huge potential laying in the bio-methane content of landfill gas, only few plant targets its conversion to fuel quality. The main barrier of improved utilization lies in its specific mixture: landfill gas contains 1.5-5% oxygen as opposed to biogas produced by conventional technologies. Oxygen must be eliminated, because of the strict regulations and associated technical problems:• Corrosion issue, it reacts with other compounds of the gas such as H2S and results in high corrosive sulphuric acid.• Safety issue. Oxygen in compressed methane increases the risk of explosion, thus reducing the possibility of compressing.Several upgrading technologies are available for the conventional biogas but these methods alone cannot eliminate oxygen. They are inefficient and poorly economical for oxygen removal. A group of European SMEs together with organizations experienced in the relevant R&D put together this ambitious NoO2 project. The proposed NoO2 technology would perfectly complete existing upgrading methods, and would make possible vacuum harvested methane rich gases, such as landfill gas, becoming available natural gas alternatives, in an economic way.The SME partners target to expand the currently marginal market of landfill biogas upgrading technologies and expects to reach a total of 7 million € income from sales of the NoO2 technology. The RTD partners of the project will extend their expertise and knowledge portfolio by realizing the NoO2 project. In large extend, the utilization and operation of landfill gas upgrading plants will result in economical (savings in energy, expanding technology market), environmental (increased rate of renewable energy), and political (decreasing dependency on foreign energy sources) benefits for the European society.



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