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Non-formal learning: a new approach of volunteering
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The present proposal aims to encourage the active inclusion of young Europeans in a stimulating and multicultural context through the international mobility program, besides wanting to train young volunteers on the topic of international volunteering as a means of promoting active and European citizenship. At the same time, given the importance that is taking on a European level the methodology of non-formal learning in youth work, the aim is to give the opportunity to the volunteers to gain expertise in this regard, boasting SCI-Italy long experience in this topic. Young volunteers will be able to see it applied in different forms of action, the same that the association carries, giving them the chance to approach to the third sector in general and, in particular, to the international volunteering. The overall objective is, therefore, to ensure that the personal and professional skills of the two volunteers are fostered and strengthened by introducing them into a working and human environment absolutely new and different for the one of origin. The two volunteers, who have not yet been selected, will carry out their period of European Voluntary Service within the National Secretariat of SCI-Italy, located in Rome. The call will be published on partners' websites and on their social networks. The coordinator for the long-term volunteering at SCI-Italy will then receive the candidatures and will carefully consider them, proceeding in a second step to the selection of a short list candidates with whom organize Skype meetings aimed at deepening the motivations and the expectations. After that, a total of two volunteers will be selected, a number commensurate with the nature and the objectives of the project, as well as with the hosting capacity in accordance to the EVS standards of quality and to what is stipulated in the show of interest. The two volunteers will support the staff and local volunteer of SCI-Italy in the promotion of international youth volunteer camps. In particular, they will support the coordinators of the areas of volunteering, social inclusion/EVS and communication in the office of the National Secretariat for understanding the international volunteering cycle, from the creation of the project, to the selection of participants up to the promotion. They will also support the staff and the local volunteers in the realization of awareness raising and training activities in the field of peace education and international volunteering. In addition, EVS volunteers will learn the tools of non-formal education both through the direct experience, since it will be used by the staff of SCI-Italy to transmit them the skills and abilities throughout the duration of the project, and also through the participation to a two-day workshop on this specific issue to be held at La Città dell'Utopia in late November. After acquiring the basic information on this topic, volunteers will support the staff and the activists of SCI Italy in the realization of a project aimed at the setting up and the opening of an info point on the recognition of non-formal education. Volunteers will play then a prior back office work during which they will map the associations located in Rome already involved in the promotion and recognition of non-formal education, maybe interested to start a cooperation. All the phases of the project will involve both partners and volunteers through continuous discussions and evaluations, in order to improve the ongoing activities and, therefore, the learning process of the volunteers. It will allow to fully integrate them into a path of growth, empowerment and "activation" so that the skills acquired can be reinvested, once they will be reintegrated within their communities and contexts of origin, in starting professional collaborations or in the activation of initiatives or activities always oriented to volunteering, to the promotion of active and European citizenship and to the recognition of non-formal education. With regard to the international network of organizations involved, the project aims to have a significant impact on each of them and on their mutual relations, as well as benefit from the presence and the support of two figures who have lived a path of growth and enrichment. The volunteers will be able to pour out the fruits of what they learnt on the activities of the sending organizations. At local level, the project will definitely have a great effect on the community that, thanks to the numerous activities planned and addressed to the whole citizenry, will benefit from the impact of the project.



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