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Non formal EVS
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This main activity of this project is a EVS action address to two volunteer from Germany and Slovenia for 8 months (December 2015 -July 2016). We would like to involve youngster which stop their study at high school, aged between 18 and 20 years old, and without previous international long term experience as they could be easily interact with the peers. EVS experience could enrich their CV and could provide them some competences and soft skills highly appreciated in the Job Market. Moreover, it provide them a space to get self-confidence about personal competences and abilities being involved in activities with the support of a coach who can show them the success of the tasks they realize within their service. Moreover this experience could give them an experience of living and working abroad which could prepare them eventually to decide to search for job in a different European country as the economical situation the youngster face nowadays often require them to move abroad. All the outcomes will be achieved being involved in coaching activities about workshop activities organized in schools and local youth centers during the second semester of the school year working in a team with local youngster supported by a coach of Vicolocorto. Moreover, they will attend an italian training course who will support in their integration process in the community. The role of the EVS will be to support the coach and to collaborate with the youngster: they will work as social animation and they could also give own personal contribution as part of the team. The group of younster called “Non Formal Group” involve group of 6 up to 10 local young volunteers: the tasks of the group will be the planning and the implementation of workshop activities addressed to the students of the high school and to the children and youngster of the youth center. At local level, the volunteer will bring an intercultural influence to the local workshop and activities stimulating tolerance and open-mind attitude on local volunteers, member of the association and youngster which will interact with the volunteer. Presence of EVS volunteer will show the added values of international initiatives and aspects even in local events developing the youth field contribute on the development of the European awarenees also in the local partners and stakeholder and on their active role on building the European Society stimulating the local stakeholder to work on the direction of integrating more activities at international level. At international level it will create and strengthen intercultural bridges between different countries.



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