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Non-formal education in the integration of Unaccompanied Minor Refugees
Date du début: 20 mai 2016, Date de fin: 19 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In June 2016 Trofaiach will host a Training Course from the Erasmus+ programme on the topic of Education of unaccompanied minor refugees. InterAktion will bring 28 youth workers together to discuss the topic, learn the good practices from Austira and their countries, get to know new tools for working with young people, and most importantly, to spend time with the group of 30 minor refugees that are hosted in Gai, Trofaiach. Youth workers from Austria, Armenia, Finland, Italy, Macedonia, Poland, Turkey and Greece will have the chance to exchange ideas, to get to know the European support schemes, learn how to find data and finances on national level, but also work with the youngsters and learn several useful words in Arabic and Farsi, and try the food they eat back home. This will result with upskilled youth workers and strengthen capacities of the organisations participating for delivering education to the minors who came and will come to these countries, and contribute to their integration and inclusion. As there is great number of UMR that arrived and are arriving to Europe, we cannot let to be whitnesses to exclusion because of not knowing the language, or cultural differences. The studies in Austria have shown that the children of the refugees from the 90's, or the second generation migrants where the early school leaving is 27%, unlike the rest with 3%, and the chances for deviant activities bigger. We as civil society can bridge this gap to bring them back in the education and prevent development of lost generation, and second generation of deliquents and school drop outs. Considering the great number of refugees now, and over 10 000 UMR registered only in Austria, it is clear that we cannot cover all of the people coming, but we can encourage our colleagues to do the same in their countries and help these youngsters develop into healthy and active citizens.



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