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Date du début: 21 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 20 nov. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The training course “Non formal education for youth active participation” took place in Miglierina from 21st to 27th of September 2014. This project was addressed to 23 among youth workers, volunteers and youth leaders working in youth organisations, coming from four European Countries (7 per Country): Italy, Latvia, Romania and Slovenia.During 7 working days participants were trained on use of non formal education approach in order to improve theirs daily work with young people and as well how to work effectively with young people on youth active participation. Participants shared and reflected about the concept of youth active participation and non formal education, its recognition and role in their countries. There were new partnerships established in order to create new projects within Youth in Action Programme as well. The methods applied during the training were based on non formal approach: debates, simulation, games, role play, small group work, working in pairs, finding parallel between theory and practice, presentations, associations. All activities and working methods are learner – centre. is built on the needs and expectations of the participants.The impact was seen in two levels: immediate and long term. After the activity, participants had the possibility to introduce their experience and new tools to their individual and professional life. Furthermore, participants shared their experiences and knowledge within their organisation and other organisations working with young people in theirs communities. Thus, the impacts of the activity was both on local and international dimension. Their daily work was enriched with new methods and background. As the measurable result of the project, the participants stayed in permanent contact with all promoters organisations by internet and aslo by post terms evaluations and exchange between us concerning the responsibilities taken during the project. During this training course, through the exchange of experiences, good practices, visions for the future etc., participants had the chance to rethink their visions of non-formal education and participation and through that implement new, innovative projects in their local communitiesOne of the objectives of the training course was to create a space for development of new projects within the Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme between promoter’s organisations. We created a space and used active methods to help participants to develop their ideas and network with others in the group, so as a long-term result we expect a few new projects. And in this way we achieved a sustainable impact on participants and their communities – first through influencing participants directly during the training course (with methods, knowledge etc.) and then creating a space for them to multiply it in future projects.



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