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Nomad's land: How and Why to talk about migration?
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Concordia was created after the WWII in order to rebuild what was destroyed during the war and to promote peace between people. Later Concordia joined the movement of non-formal education. One of the objectives was to break hierarchical relationships related to knowledge. We are promoting an education for all by all without age, sexual, cultural, religious or economic distinction. But beyond all, Concordia encourages the circulation of people and ideas through international exchanges that is why Concordia decided this year to focus on this idea. According to the UN Refugee Agency at the end of 2014, 38 million people had to move inside their own country because of violence and war. The massive media coverage of the refugee phenomenon defined as a “crisis” highlighted the fact that we do not know our neighbor and that in some case we fear it. If the EU tries to implement solution to face the issue, it is difficult within local scale to understand it and to communicate about it. In this way, Concordia decided this year to draw attention to this point and to tackle the issue.Objectives of the project:The main objectives of the project are:• To enhance a reflection about the migration and the representations we have of it.• To explore, highlight and understand the situation of the migrants in different countries.• To provide youth workers, volunteers and people involved in their organization communication and advocacy tools which can be used in the field of migration. • To youth workers, volunteers and people involved in their organization who could organize workshops about that topic after.Activities:• Contact making seminar – November 2016 in Tunisia - 17 participants:Objectives: to make a common background about the topic, meet each other and explore everybody’s interest in the theme, finalize the preparation of the trainings• Training course – February 2017 in Tunisia - 25 participants:Objectives: Explore every aspect of the migration issue• Training course – May 2017 in France - 25 participants:Objectives: Discover and experiment advocacy tool to communicate about migration issues• Final exchange – November 2017 in France - 25 participants:Objectives: Disseminate and capitalize the results of the 2 first trainings.• EVS Exchange between France and Tunisia - From March 2017 to December 2017 - 3 participants:Objectives: To have a volunteer working on that topic for a long term period in order to disseminate what was shared and learnt during the TC and keep raising awarness and sensibilise people about migration.Using non formal education methods, this project will give participants theoritical and pratical tools to communicate and sensibilize people about migratory issues.



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