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Date du début: 31 mai 2016, Date de fin: 30 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Many organisations in the third sector are failing when it comes the time to promote or disseminate their activities. Very low budgets, voluntary work and, specially, lack of technical skills make that the contents they produce very often doesn’t make the impact it was hoped. Launching a campaign is easy, but creating an efficient, effective and professional campaign with high quality contents requires knowledge, skills and hard work. In one hand we have this amateur social campaigns and in the other exists a lot of examples of viral contents that spread a hate message along the continent. Videos, articles, memes… teaching intolerance against everyone who’s different. Unfortunately a lot of this contents reach successfully a youth public transmitting them homophobic, xenophobic or sexist ideas. That’s why we want to create a “guerrilla” of skilled and motivated youth leaders able to spread efficiently their positive messages and thus fight intolerance. We created “nohate.mp4” as a learning opportunity for 24 youth workers and leaders who wish to improve their communication skills for the benefit of their social projects. They will come from 10 European countries (Estonia, Germany, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia Spain y Sweden). Together will learn how to create quality promo and social campaigns on a tight budget from trainers with experience in the movie industry.Under their guidance, participants will:- find and analyze different kind of hate messages existing all around Europe - be inspired by low cost viral campaigns with a positive message - discover how to set up an effective communicational strategy in their projects/organizations- learn how to communicate successfully producing high quality videos with low budget- have the opportunity to create viral content during the activities to promote no hate speechThe training methods used will be 'non-formal'. This means participants must be ready not only to attend sessions but to take part actively in the different activities proposed. Their learning process will flow through interactive sessions, debates, meetings with the local community and a lot of teamwork to design and create several contents as leaflets, videos, webs... Everything combined will have as result a bunch of skilled youth leaders able to promote their projects efficiently online and ready to fight hate speech though high quality campaigns.



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