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... noch mehr Schwung für die nationale Erwachsenenbildung durch gemeinsame Weiterbildung in Europa
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

We caused movement and raised interest within the regional adult education with our mobility project „Schwungrad“. The demand of further development, qualification and European exchange is higher than we expected. That is why we designed that mobility project based on our experiences and the requirements of potential participants. We took the new momentum to offer adult educators beyond their sphere of action the possibility to gain new competences, evaluate critically their educational work, recognize new ways and possibilities for their educational work and implement them. The requirements on adult education are ever-expanding and new competencies are demanded from adult educators. Participants of adult education, institutions, and rural regions ask for flexible, specific, innovative and sustainable learning opportunities that include all groups of Therefore the support and offer of advanced training to our staff, course instructors, co-operation partners and member associations and groups to the mentioned topics is the aim of that project. It will foster the improvement of the quality of education offered by us and our partners. The development of new and interesting learning opportunities will be the result. The strengthening of our European work and the awareness of that education in our organization is another aim of that project. The 83 participants of the project are the personnel of small and medium sized adult education organizations and the personnel of the groups and associations coached by us. They are adult educators, project managers, external course instructors, administrative staff and volunteers. The participants will attend mobilities in European countries. They will participate on training courses and placements of different topics. We will single out, prepare and send the participants to the courses and placements to our European project partners. Our partners will organize and realize the courses and placements for and with the participants. We will evaluate the activities together with participants after their return. The topics of the courses and placements where the participants should expand their competencies are strategic development of learning offers and projects, course strategy and management, practice of information and communication technologies, public relations, education for and with elderly and disabled people, civil commitment and the implementation of innovative and non-formal teaching and learning methods. In addition to the teaching and learning contents of the courses and placements the participants will enhance their competencies of communication and creativity. They will also become more open towards other countries and cultures and will achieve a higher individual mobility. We and our co-operating organizations gain a new perspective of adult education and benefit from the new contacts of their staff. We will extend and improve our learning offers. Our experiences in a new field of work improve the diversity of our work in adult education and the quality of our learning opportunities. We will be perceived more than until now as an innovative provider of adult education in our regional environment and by our transnational partners. As a result we will win more people to attend on learning processes. Referring to the aims of the project we will take advantage of the experiences and the new knowledge of our staff to develop and improve the learning opportunities offered by us the other co-operating providers of adult education, groups and associations. Furthermore we expect more appreciation of the European education within our own organization and an appropriate personnel development and strategy for advanced education. The effect of the project should be utilized in so far that partner organizations will develop international project ideas by themselves and exchange their ideas within the network. That will strengthen the network for a future joint education and common education projects on European level. The LEB acts as the sending organization and the European Partners act as hosting organizations. The tasks of the co-operating project partners for the implementation of the mobilities will be defined in partner agreements. We the LEB will monitor the implementation of the several steps. For this purpose the coordinator of the project will keep contact to all involved organizations during the course of the project. At least we will implement several evaluation instruments during the course of the project to be able to compare the intended aims of the project with the results.