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Date du début: 15 févr. 2015, Date de fin: 14 juil. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Countries from all over Europe took part in the Seminar "NO PLAN (ET) B: TIME TO ACT, THINK GREEN!" on the issues of environmental sustainability, environment, climate changes, sustainable food, energy, water and resources, as major challenges to change the future. The seminar took place in Tortona (AL, Italy) in May 2015 and involved 50 staff and volunteers from 10 different European countries and 13 different organizations that work with young people. During the seminar we prepared, as Youth Worker, as operators of youth organizations, as volunteers and as young people of all across Europe, to experience some individual changes, sharing at the same time all our best practices and experiences. Together, we started a journey to understand the real meaning of the concept of sustainability, we have "competed" in the Olympics of Sustainability to test our knowledge and our individual behaviors, we analyzed the strategies and actions at European and global level concerning environment, climate change and sustainable development, we have tried to live "slowly" in the wonderful environment of the hills around Tortona and we managed to create new products from natural and recycled ingredients ... and we shared all this with the local community, thanks to a World Café in town and to the creation, at the end of the path, of some concrete products (one spot, two posters, a web platform) which continue to spread our message: change style and change our ecological footprint in the world is possible. For this reason, while using data and scientific terms, numbers, percentages and measures, we preferred to "create change" through the methods of non-formal education, the direct experiences of participants, trainers, facilitators and "unconventional" experts (a doctoral student and an associate professor of the Department of Chemical, Civil and Environmental Engineering of the University of Genoa with the background of scientific divulgation, non-formal education, theater and clowning). In this way we were able to produce change in individuals, presenting them with specific and feasible options ... people who studies how to reduce consumption and waste, who cares about recycling, who's involved in the environmental issues with their hearts and minds, who produce vegetables through solidarity between people, who joined consumers in a human way, who gives birth to associations between people, who share their personal changes with those around them: we have tried to start a model of Europe that puts together in a network all those people who want to share changes.



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