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Nitki za granicą
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project „Nitki za granicą” aim to improve quality of: the service by our school, quality of vocational training of its students and in long run to strenghteen the rise of the individual entrepreneurship of students, local and regional economy. In that aim 32 students of Complex of Upper Secondary Schools no 2 (ZSP no. 2) in Nowa Sól is going to take part in internships including the preparation and evaluation phases. The group consist of: - technician of melioration and environment - technician of hairdressing In total 32 participants will be involved. All of them will participate in preparation cycle, based on proven methodology. The prep - programme is based on language crush – course, pedagogical and cultural preparation as well as evaluation workshop with elements of career planing. At the end a conference on results and experiences from internships, promoting abroad internships is scheduled. The project is based on the close cooperation between partners – the ZSP no. 2 and GEB Berlin with use of the documents and tools prepared by the partner in such projects as EuPQuA I, II, III and improvement of the methodology during the process to reach the highest possible standards. The results of the project is going to be the improvement in service of the school, improvement in the level of vocational preparation of students and improvement of the local economy. The internships will be done in May 2016 while the whole project is scheduled for the period 1 June 2015 and 30 May 2017.



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