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Nitelikli Eğitim Kaliteli Sağlık
Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 1 sept. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Attendent group of our project are the 60 students of Adapazar? 75. Y?l Health Vocational High School and local partners, Akyaz? Anadolu Healt Vocational High School and Private Marifet Anadolu Health Vocational High School, from the branch of ?nursery? and ?emergency medicine technician?. For our nursery students 'Prevention from Obesity' training is done. The reason of this topic is chosen for education program is that it is defined as one the most dangerous diseases today. It has more individual, metabolic and physcological affects on human beings. But there is not enough awareness about this ilness in society. It is observed that there is an increasing rate of this illness. The Monica observation which is done by WHO(World Health Organization) states that obesity diagnosis has an increasing rate between %10-%30 in 10 years time. It is also observed that the %20 of children and adults are overweight and 1 of 3 of them are obese. This high and increasing rates started a war against obesity problem which threatens societies all over the world. The rates are increasing in TUrkey too. A research of Health Ministry states that obesity rate increased up to %30,3. The region which of our schools exist has a obesity rate of %30,6. Our Project states a method for bettering this status by improving the knowlegde of the vocational students who will be the nurses in future. Another educational activity of our Project is about ?Health L?teraty?. L?teraty is not limited with the academic education. This ability is needed for being integrated socially and economically to the society . A report that named as ??Health Literacy: A Prescription to End Confusion?? determines health literacy as deicing about self health and having services, understanding level. Another determination according to WHO is that it is the pre-condition of understanding and using vocational information. By the approval of our Project knowledge level of vocational students will be increased. It will be a good example for other vocational schools and institutions. There will be an increase on the number of institutions and studends willing to attend Erasmus + program at our region and country. There will be benefits for attendts on self improvement also. Preperation activities will increase the level of foreign language knowledge of the attendent students. They will find the chance of improving themselves socially and culturally. There will be 3 mobilities in the scope of our Project. The first mobility will be about ?Health Literacy? with the students from ?Emergency Medicine Technician? department between 19.04.2015-02.05.2015 to Centrul De Formare Profesionala, Orientare, Zespol Policealnych Szkol Medyczno-Spolecznych high school at Poland with 20 students. Second mobility is to the same school between 12.04.2015-25.04.2015 about ?Obesity? with 20 nursery students. The third mobility is to the high school of Rigas 1. Medicinas Koledza about ?Metabolic Syndrom? at Latvia.



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