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Date du début: 1 mai 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Youth Centre Villa Elba coordinates a group-EVS project "Horse competitions at Niinisalo horse stables," with Niinisalo Riders Association. as hosting organisation and sending bodies: AK Tirol Austria, Fekete Sereg Hungary, Continuous Action Estonia and Centro Social de Palmela, Portugal.During the project, Niinisalo riders will host a group EVS project with two different voluntary period: 27.6-24.7. 2016 and 2-29.5.2017. 8 volunteers (2 young / sending organisation) will participate in each session. The project is realised in Niinisalo.This project aims to bring more internationality Niinisalo and in particular the riding stables, where on a daily basis local children and young people visit. As a small locality Niinisalo do not have much opportunities for internationalization so that residents can not easily get to know other countries and cultures. By bringing the scene of different countries in the everyday life of young people they have the opportunity to get intercultural experiences. Young people involved in the project come from different backgrounds, and we are looking for young people with fewer opportunities. Young people are, for example, unemployed, they have little experience of other countries and cultures, low self-esteem or lack of education. For young people the project offers the opportunity to learn new skills, to work together in a multicultural group, to develop their own skills and broaden their worldview. By participating in this project young people get work experience and skills which could be useful for studying or working.



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