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Next Generation Youth Exchange
Date du début: 1 août 2014, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Next Generation Youth Exchange took place in the UK in the town of Dudley working with 4 countries: Czech Republic, Poland, Austria and the UK. We worked with 36 participants and leaders sharing our artistic skills and abilities. The target group was 13-17 years olds with fewer opportunities. The project aimed to activate young people and allow them to engage and learn from other young people through creative dialog, discussions, arts, sports and music. Through sharing a week of practical activities, workshops and intercultural living. The programme engaged young people with fewer opportunities who wanted to learn more about the Erasmus + projects, sharing and learning about other young people in Europe. The Next Generation Youth Exchange took place in Dudley from the 24th -30th August 2015 giving young people something creative to do during the summer holidays. One of the aims was to create other programmes and allow the young people to go to each of the other 4 countries and continue to share and develop new ideas, creativity and partnerships. The young people have been able to engage with other young people using arts, music and sports as a tool to learning. They have gained better understanding of Erasmus + and Europe, which they have been able to share with other young people. Through the programme the participants have really gained a good understanding of the other countries participating in the programme. The next generation exchange has allowed the young people to build long lasing friendships and opportunities for continual development. We have created a new programme that we hope will be carried out next year working with new participants and building on from what we have learnt on this programme.



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