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Next-generation 3D Meshing (VORPALINE)
Date du début: 1 juil. 2013, Date de fin: 30 juin 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The VORPALINE ``Proof of Concept'' project concerns the pre-commercialization of a 3D mesh generation software with innovative functionalities resulting from research.Mesh generation plays a central role in numerical simulation, used to predict the behavior of engineering and physical systems under various conditions. Numerical simulation is a key to the competitiveness of many companies. For instance:(1) in aircraft industry, when optimizing the design of the wings, months of costly experiments in wind tunnels can be replaced with a few hours of computer simulation;(2) in oil and gas industry, numerical fluid simulation makes it possible to compute the placement of wells that optimizes oil production.The efficiency and accuracy of numerical simulation depends on the quality of the underlying computerized representation, i.e. a 3D mesh. By ``quality'', engineers mean some geometric characterizations of the mesh elements.VORPALINE takes a new approach to 3D mesh generation, based on the optimal mesh generation algorithm stemming from ``starting-grant'' project GOODSHAPE. Our algorithm generates a 3D mesh of high-quality, by globally optimizing the elements of the mesh with respect to user-defined geometric criteria that existing softwares cannot take into account.The goal of the VORPALINE project is to turn our research prototype into a 3D mesh generation software ready to be used and evaluated by potential customers. This includes our preliminary contacts in oil&gas and in Computer Aided Engineering with whom we started technology testing. The longer-term goal is to market the software through the European leading company of this field, that has started to evaluate our technology. We think that VORPALINE has the potential to push the limits of 3D mesh generation in terms of quality, flexibility and efficiency.