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NEW WAYS - New Teachers for New Competencies: Entrepreneurship, network and communication
Date du début: 3 nov. 2015, Date de fin: 2 nov. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project entitled “NEW WAYS - New Teachers for New Competencies: Entrepreneurship, Network and Communication" is dedicated to coaches, managers of the Silesian ICT and Multimedia Cluster, who conduct networking sessions. The main goal of the project is to improve the professional nature of the trainings they conduct for all possible groups of recipients, i.e. enterprises, clusters, people establishing business activity and people focused on increasing their qualifications on the labor market. The remaining goals of the project are: - exchange of experience within the scope of new means of supporting clusters and entrepreneurship, - development of international partnership within the scope of mutual knowledge and experience transfer related to making trainings more professional, - the possibility of using the English language in practice and acquiring new vocabulary, - improving project participants' intercultural competencies. The above mentioned goals constitute an answer to the project participants' needs, among others: - better understanding of the ability to handover the knowledge to the participants of trainings, - the necessity to strengthen the competencies related to the methodology of conducting trainings, - improvement of communication skills, - increase of competencies within the field of networking. In consideration of the above, the project: - will enable the project participants to familiarize themselves with the methods and tools used to handover the possessed knowledge, which will add to the attractiveness of the offered trainings; - will add to the increase of skills and knowledge of the people engaged in the training process related to entrepreneurship, networks and innovativeness, which in turn will add to the strengthening of entrepreneurship in the region, - will increase the number of competent coaches, - will enrich the knowledge the coaches currently possess by elements of networking, which will add to a better management and administering of the Silesian ICT and Multimedia Cluster HubClub, - will enrich the interpersonal skills, which will make it possible to broaden the scope of the offered training services. In the everyday work the Business Incubator employees identify a problem which is a low indicator of networking, innovativeness and entrepreneurship in Silesia. The high industrialization of the northern part of the region, the presence of a great many factories and heavy industry plants, established in the society the feeling of belonging to the working class. Spreading the spirit of entrepreneurship requires not only the transfer of relevant knowledge related to business, but also a mental preparation for appearing in the business world. The number of newly registered entities in the Polish National Business Registry (REGON) system in 2013 amounted to 365 thousand, so 2% more than in the previous year. Among the founded companies dominated natural persons who conduct business activity (over 80%). ("Entrepreneurship in Poland" - a report prepared by the Ministry of Economy), whereas the unemployment rate in the Silesia Province at the end of January 2015 amounted to 10%, and remains on a high level. (Regional Employment Office Katowice). A way to influence these tendencies is a better and more effective support of establishing and developing micro, small and medium enterprises, which constitute 99.8% of all work places in the market (2011 Report of the Condition of the SME sector in Poland, Polish Agency for Enterprise Development). Such a support is offered by the Ruda Śląska Business Incubator, and the activities described within this project will make it possible to provide professional training services, among others within the area of entrepreneurship, networking and innovativeness. The Ruda Śląska Business Incubator always looks for new possibilities within the scope of entrepreneurship and innovativeness support in our region. The accessible practice very often proves poorly effective. Therefore, what is important for the project participants is the exchange of experiences, first and foremost, with a partner who possesses rich experience in solutions in the field of entrepreneurship, innovativeness and networking. The set of trainings conducted by the Ruda Śląska Business Incubator, owing to the experience offered by the foreign partners, is capable of changing its structure, replacing the traditional methods with those innovative ones. The schedule assumes the organization of the first mobility at the Greek Partner in October 2015, second in Portugal in September2016, and the third mobility in Slovenia in May 2016. The product of the project will also be a final report, which will contain a description of the course of the visit with conclusions regarding the acquired knowledge and exchange of experiences related to the support of entrepreneurship and innovativeness, networking and communication, which can constitute a basis for further work already on the