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New Tools for non-formal Educators
Date du début: 1 août 2014, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"New Tools for Non-formal Educators" is a project that involves 32 youth workers with ages between 20 and 35 from seven different countries, that will be working together during a training course, within which we will promote new non-formal education methods and new digital tools for facilitate and improve the work with young people with disabilities. The target group is represented by youth workers that work or want to begin to work with young people with disabilities. The objectives of the project: 1. Increasing the involvement of 32 youth workers with ages between 20 to 35 in activities aimed at working with young people with disabilities for 10 days. 2. Exchange of experience between trainer and participants on working with young people disabilities. 3. Increased awareness of 32 youth workers on the existence of non-formal education methods and digital applications designed to ease working with youth with disabilities. 4. Acquiring skills working in intercultural teams of the 32 youth worker of 8 partner countries over 10 days. 5. Promoting Erasmus + among the 32 youth worker on the facilities that this program offers to young people with disabilities.



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