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New technologies for a better support of Learning mobilities : Developing a digital mobile logbook
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project aims to use new mobile technologies in educational learning mobility projects (through a free application) as an efficient tool to accompany young learners, capitalise their experience and their technical and human competencies gained. Partners want to adapt a digital logbook already developed for general public ( This firsts investigate the way mobility stakeholders use new technologies during mobility projects. Then, it will adapt quickly this digital virtual logbook available on smartphones, tablets and computers and conduct a series of tests. At a third step, Educational files will be produced to support tutors on how to use efficiently this mobile technology. These productions are complementary and lead to productions that will enrich each other. Results will be tangible and transferable. Partners identified the following priorities: - having a clear vision on the use of new technologies (especially mobile technologies) in learning mobility projects, - creating an attractive tool, easy to use, to support young learners in their learning mobility projects, - producing Educational files to advise tutors on how to use new mobile technologies to support young learners through all their learning mobility projects Three main target groups are concerned: young learners evolving in different educational world (apprenticeship, youth, formal VET system and students/pupils…) evolving in mobility projects, tutors and institutions (that need to collect data to improve their mobility strategies). As intellectual outputs, this 24 months project will produce: 1. A Study of the digital practices of the major stakeholders concerned by Educational mobility projects in order to better apprehend new technologies as a tool to better accompany learning mobilities. The reports will help European actors to reflect about the way they adapt their practices to the technological major evolutions that changes the way the new generations learn and interact with the world. 2. A digital logbook to better accompany learning mobility projects. This digital logbook will be an Internet application (available on smartphones, tablets and computers). Formal and informal experiences will be collected “on the spot”. The digital logbook will help to : - Easily record mobility experiences on the “spot”, - Deliver advises and learning content on topics linked with international mobility, - Make a link between what has been recorded and the competencies gained, - Reinforce the communication between the tutors and the young person, better securing mobility projects, - Taking a step forward in “Erasmus + mobilers” community building exploiting the opportunities that offer new technologies (social networks, mapping…). - Easily record quantitative and qualitative data to better assess the impact and the conditions of a constructive mobility project. To guarantee the quality of the logbook developed, we will pay a strong attention to answer the uses of the new generation, building an attractive tool in order to increase significantly the implication of the users. The logbook aims to encourage connectivity (on-line interaction, with an emphasis on communicating directly with foreigners, tutors etc.) and creates the conditions of a collaborative learning process. It facilitates the transmission of knowledge and accompanies an active learning process (through thought-provoking activities, films, games, exercises etc.). By collecting their experiences, users mobilise their creativity to value their journey and, subsequently, their analytical capacities to identify the competencies gained. From the experiences recorded, a link will be made with the certification of the skills acquired by the attribution of Europass/Youthpass and bind them with the European Frame of Certification (The European Qualifications Framework). 3. Educational files to support tutors to make a good use of the application We will question the way tutors could use this new tool. These files will deliver concrete advises from real situations. And will be available for free. This will be trans-sectorial partnership with different and complementary profiles, working with different kind of publics: - Young people and tutors in the Non Formal Education system: o PRODUCOES FIXE UNIPESSOAL LDA - Technical Company o Digital Lift and Avant Gout Studio (France) - Apprentices and their tutors o IFA -Internationaler Fachkräfteaustausch- (Austria) - Multi-publics o GENCAT is GENERALITAT DE CATALUNYA - Government of Catalonia - (Spain) o Un gout d’Illusion : training organisation, specialised in intercultural issues (France) All partners have an important European network and experience. The size and the quality of these networks will guarantee and contribute to the sustainability and the impact of the products developed.



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