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New Quality and Design Standards for Aluminium Alloys Cast Products (StaCast)
Date du début: 1 oct. 2012, Date de fin: 31 mars 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

To exploit the enormous potential of Aluminium Alloys EU Foundry Industry (more than 2000 Companies, mostly SMEs), a coordinated set of Support Actions, is strongly needed. The challenge of StaCast proposal is to promote the transformation of this field in a quality/efficiency-driven and integration-oriented sector, thanks to the development and introduction of two new and advanced Tecnhical Reports, covering aspects which are not approached in current norms: Casting Defects Classification and Aluminium Foundry Alloys Mechanical Properties.In view of this target, StaCast Consortium, in which 4 European Countries are represented, is highly complementary and constituted by: one University Dept (DTG, Co-ordinator), well used at cooperating with SMEs, special in the field of Aluminium alloys; two other University Depts, with a relevant background on gravity (NTNU) and high pressure (GTA) casting technologies; one National Association of Metallurgical Companies (AIM), with more than 2000 members; one EU Association of Aluminium Consumers (FACE); one member of Italian National Standardisation body (ASSO).StaCast project will convert in specific CEN Technical Reports the results of previous EU-funded research projects (e.g. IDEAL in the 5th FP and NADIA, IP-SMEs, in the 6th FP) as well as of other National and International technological developments programmes. The consistent set of activities of StaCast, whose duration is 18 months, is articulated into 6 WPs, logically organised to focus the standardisation needs (WP 1), to support the development of new CEN Technical Reports on Al alloy casting defects (WP 2) and on Al foundry alloys mechanical properties (WP3), to elaborate new guidelines for using such Technical Reports in mechanical design (WP4), to disseminate the knowledge on and promote the use of new CEN Technical Reports and Guidelines (WP5), to integrate and manage the overall Project (WP6).



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