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New Paths for Inclusion
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The need to carry out this project stems from the need of SCI-Italy to support young people in order for them to create opportunities and build their own future and become protagonists of a society anchored in the European values ​​of social inclusion, justice and participation in the democratic life despite the economic crisis worsened since 2008. The project captures many of the goals and priorities of the Erasmus + Programme, in particular: - It aims to promote the social inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities, unemployed, minorities and new citizens. - It aims to raise awareness about the European Citizenship in order to increase the participation of young people in democratic life. - It allows the growth of the ability to use digital communication tools. The project develops around a local project of SCI-Italy named “La Città dell'Utopia”, which was entrusted by the Municipality VIII in Rome, San Paolo neighbourhood. The idea is that of a social and cultural laboratory that addresses key issues related to a new model of local and global development that is balanced, sustainable, fair. The two volunteers will be selected as coming from disadvantaged groups in terms of geography, economy and social inclusion. By doing so, they will pursue themselves various initiatives aimed at social inclusion among the many held at La Città dell'Utopia, especially those involving migrants, asylum seekers and second generationn of migrants. These initiatives will be implemented in collaboration and with the support of the association Laboratorio53 and his project "Casa dei Venti", a "diurnal center" for asylum seekers housed at La Città dell'Utopia. In this way, asylum seekers will identify La Città dell'Utopia as a landmark in the area, where to promote their participation, interaction with the local community and local activists. In this way, La Città dell'Utopia will enhance its character multi-structure project in which projects develop autonomous but interconnected. Some of these activities will involve laboratories of theater of the oppressed, sessions of self-help, language courses, public events to raise awareness. Finally, the two volunteers will also be involved in activities related to the strengthening of the use of web communication and multimedia campaigning as an instrument of information, participation and awareness.



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