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New partners, new possibilities
Date du début: 25 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 24 avr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project aimed to develop contacts and exchange knowledge between participating organisations and to enrich NGO potential in Tarnów region. The main activity of this project was a contact making event (seminar) which has taken place on 18th-22nd February 2016 in Tarnów and Wierzchosławice. The event has gathered NGO representatives from various places in Europe, from all kinds of organisations working with youth in many fields. There were 29 participants from 12 countries, 2 people per sending organisation, gender balanced, holding various positions such as presidents, members of management, youth workers, teachers, trainers, supporters, etc. The activities were based on non-formal education, meetings, discussions, presentations, case studies as well as knowledge and best practice sharing. First day was dedicated to integration and getting to know each other. During day two we had time to learn about activities of participating organisations, their projects as well as overview the Erasmus+ programme, its components and documents. Day three has offered time to discuss and learn how to co-operate and organise succesful, international project. We have also visited City of Tarnów Town Hall to make contacts and discuss possibilities of cooperation with local authorities. Day four introduced us to creative working on first drafts of our future projects. We have also met with local NGO sector representatives to build contacts and exchange experience. On the last day we have summed up all our working efforts into Youthpass certificates, met journalists and underwent a solid evaluation process. With all these activities our main aim was to mutually learn, grow potential and develop a strong network of reliable partners for future co-operation in various projects and topics. This main aim has been successfully achieved. We have created a detailed database of involved organisations, we have created local impact by establishing relations with City of Tarnów and local NGOs, we have promoted the EU and Erasmus+ and certainly we have ensured long term benefits by stronger knowledge, multiplicated contacts, new ideas and developing a few very interesting project ideas, socially desired in our societies. Last but not least - this project has enabled our foundation to grow a necessary capacity to put some international spirit in our local society in Ołpiny area, enrich future youth work and offer new opportunities to local society.



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