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New Molecular Purification Technology for Pharmaceutical Production (NEMOPUR)
Date du début: 1 sept. 2008, Date de fin: 31 août 2012 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"The NEMOPUR Initial Training Network will focus on creating a new generation of molecular purification technologies for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) manufacture, with a particular focus on removal of organic impurities from API production. New membranes with improved chemical stability in a wide range of solvents, and better controlled cutoff properties, novel molecularly imprinted polymers with readily scalable production chemistries, and composite molecularly imprinted film – macroporous support membranes will be developed. The applications of these technologies will be through the industrial partners. The project is multidisciplinary, involving chemists, materials scientists and chemical engineers. The consortium is intersectorial, comprising 3 universities/research institutes, 2 technology SMEs and 4 pharmaceutical manufacturers, and will have a strong emphasis on knowledge creation, technology commercialisation, and entrepreneurship. The training programme involves Early Stage Researchers (ESR), at both university and industrial partners, each of whom will complete a PhD thesis through a combination of local and network wide research experience. Experienced Researchers (ER) will complete their training, focussing on knowledge transfer, commercialisation and entreprenuership skills. In addition to their individual research, ESR and ER will complete complementary training through a series of Personal Skills Modules, and a course on Technology Commercialisation and Entrepreurship. NEMOPUR seeks to contribute to improving the European knowledge supply chain through this industry-academia programme of applied research aimed at developing engineers and scientists who are academically excellent and achieve PhD degrees, but who thrive at the interface between fundamental research and industrial application."



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