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New Integrated Smart Mobility Options (NISTO)
Date du début: 24 janv. 2012, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

At the moment. there are numerous mobility concepts being developed and transport pilots being implemented in Northwest European cities and regions. Pilots on electric mobility. car-to-car communication. mobility management. smartphone apps on public transport services and city logistics to name only a few of them. Public and private organizations and especially the EU commission spend billions of Euros in the current funding programmes (2007-2013) for the testing of innovative approaches. This has its origin in the urban growth that cities worldwide are experiencing: More and more people are moving to the cities which results in a higher demand for transport. whilst at the same time emissions need to be reduced to enable a certain living quality in high populated urban areas. The need for alternative transport modes and changing infrastructure is great. The partners. mainly from transport and planning authorities. have experienced problems in assessing how well current projects or concepts are working out on long-term. Still. the partnership believes that there are at least five key elements that are important for the development of well-functioning mobility concepts: Environmental quality. Economy. Customer satisfaction. Mobility and Safety. But what the partners also experience in their everyday work is that mobility pilots usually only focus on one or two of these key elements. This causes problems in the overall traffic network in their region. Therefore. we want to develop a tool kit as evaluation methodology that will encompass all 5 of these criteria to ensure the most sustainable way of planning. The tool kit will help assess new concepts from the beginning on and during their duration for both planners and funders. Achievements: The final report comprising information on the NISTO Evaluation ToolKit, Pilot Projects and Demonstration Projects is available under: Integrated Smart Transport Options - ToolkitThe NISTO evaluation toolkit can be used to evaluate small-scale mobility projects for sustainability and stakeholder preferences and monitor policy targets. Guidelines for the use of the online tools and for data conversion from data collected by mobile phone sensors into indicators are also provided. Pilot ProjectsThe NISTO-partners defined nine pilot projects - considering the five key principles safety, economy, mobility, environment and customer satisfaction. The pilots are finished/almost finished and have been financed by other projects. They will help to develop the toolkit when being evaluated. The feedback of these pilot projects will directly have influence on the toolkit of the project. This developement of an integrated approach is necessary to propose a concept of smart mobility.



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