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New innovative solutions, components and tools for the integration of wind energy in urban and peri-urban areas (SWIP)
Date du début: 1 oct. 2013, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

European Commission plans for wind energy development by 2020, highlights a fully competitive onshore wind power with 20% penetration. One of the better opportunities to fulfil this aim is the integration of small and medium wind turbines into urban and peri-urban environments, due to the potential market given. However, nowadays there are several barriers) that have relegated the Small Wind Turbines (SWTs) sector to stand as a minority choice among the renewable energy options.SWIP project expects to suppose a critical burst to the expansion of SWTs in Europe and worldwide. SWIP aims to develop, implement and test innovative solutions and components for tackling the current barriers the technology have, opening the way for a successful market uptake in the near future. These cutting-edge technology improvements will result in an important reduction of maintenance costs (near 40%), an increase in 9% in SWTs performance, the mitigation and/or elimination of noise and vibrations, likely reducing final users investment. All in all, SWIP will provide a new methodology for wind resource assessment in urban areas with a maximum of 8% RMS error in speed prediction. The whole development performed within the project, will be supported on the basis of aesthetical design and integration into urban environments, as well as scalability of solutions, as main drivers for project success. Three pilots for testing different solutions and different urban applications are envisaged.In order to achieve these goals, a well-balanced consortium, including ten different nationalities is given. The project is industrially driven, mainly by SMEs, which are the main actors in the small wind energy market. These five SMEs will provide their experience and knowledge, supported by a large company with expertise in the sector and 5 best in class research institutions. Finally, a public authority and an European Economic Interest Group closes SWIP competitive consortium.



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