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New informational technologies and tourism products for cross border tourism development (INFOTOURPROD)
Date du début: 21 avr. 2013, Date de fin: 21 avr. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

With the realisation of this project a considerable amount of tourist information will be collected, processed and translated. This information will stay in the base of the software product that will be realised within the project and that will be presented to the tourists by means of informational kiosks. They would provide tourists with basic information on the locality itself, on the tourist sites in the cross-border region. In that way these regional sign boards will direct the tourists by showing to them what they can visit in either country during their stay in this region. Such regional approach facilitates the cooperation in the tourist field. Such regional information kiosks are common practice and an integral part of all significant tourist localities in the developed tourist regions all over the world. Locations on which the information kiosks would be placed will be selected by the municipalities and their tourist organizations. The municipalities will also provide the necessary resources at selected locations for the placement and functioning of the information kiosks. The collected information will be used for elaboration of three thematic brochures, one for each new common product, created through the project. These brochures will be diseminated among the tourists by the local tourist centres, museums, galeries, hotels and restaurants. Within the project will be organised three Demo tours with representatives of the tour operators and tourist agencies from Bulgaria and Serbia.The aim of these tours will be to get acquented the tour operators and agents with the new products and with the tourist opportunities in the cross-border region of Vidin, Zajecar and Bor. Achievements: The project envisioned and achieved the following results:- A 2 -days round table on the topic "Improvement of competitiveness of tourist destination of eastern Serbia and Northwest Bulgaria" was held on 25 - 26 June 2013 in Zajecar, Serbia;- Collection and processing of the information for 25 touristic locations in Bulgaria (Vidin district) and 25 locations in Serbia (Bor and Zajecar districts);- Development of Touristic informational software package for 12 informational kiosks. The software is three-lingual (English, Bulgarian, Serbian) and contains all the information collected during project implementation – tourist locations, photographs, routes, and four project movies;- Development of 3 new tourist products: Following the steps of the Romans, "The taste of the western Balkans" and "The beauty of the nature";- Purchasing and installation of 12 informational kiosks;- Organising of 3 thematic meetings for exchange of experience;- Organization of a 5-day cross-border demo tour for the local stakeholders and tourism branch representatives. During the tour participants has a chance to visit cultural - historical and nature sights, hotels, restaurants, which are included at new product.The project was successfully completed in April 2014.



  • 85.1%   151 254,91
  • 2007 - 2013 Bulgaria - Serbia IPA CBC (BG-RS)
  • Projet sur KEEP platform
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