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New Information Technologies in Region Study (NIT in Region Study)

The main idea of the project is to studyand research the uniqueness, diversity andoriginality of each region in Lithuanian,Latvian and Belarusian border areas. Theproject is aimed at mutual youth educationand promotion of cultural values amonglocal population based on the existing andgathered historical-cultural heritage.The main activities of the project includecarrying out the research work in crossborderareas, establishment of the regionalstudy documents fund, organization ofmutual visits, seminars and workshops,folklore concerts, participation in the craftsand arts fair. The results of the regional studybenefit both the students in their researchwork as well as local population in restoringof the relative relationships, genealogies andestablishment of the cross-border contacts.



  • 75%   17 925,00
  • 2000 - 2006 Latvia - Lithuania - Belarus (LV-LT-BY)
  • Projet sur KEEP platform

3 Participants partenaires