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New growing, production, processing and conservation techniques of native officinal and aromatic herbs. (IV Gamma)
Date du début: 28 févr. 2006, Date de fin: 30 mars 2008 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project envisages the introduction of new production, processing and conservation techniques in the field of native (dandelion, sclopit, juniper, butchers-broom) and officinal (arnica, pot marigold, St. Johns wort, mallow) herbs, cultivated according to the methods of organic agriculture or low environmental impact techniques. As far as conservation is concerned, the IV Gamma technique can represent a significant added value to the fresh product, for the production that is going to be sold both locally and in a wider regional market. The growing and production techniques will be tested in the municipal botanical garden and analyzed from the technical, economic and management points of view. Such assessments will make it possible to divulge data and to propose the most suitable methods. This project wants to create an operational model, which enhances the peculiarities of a territory, Paluzza municipality, located in the mountain cross-border area and, at the same time, is an example for other communities located in homogenous areas. The various innovations proposed in the fields of production, conservation and marketing of spontaneous and officinal herbs concern a sector that, if properly managed and promoted, could play an important role in the mountain economy, creating jobs and possibly ensuring a better management of the territory. The necessary production factors - land value and demand for personnel - are limited and make it possible for new firms to enter the sector. Moreover, the production and processing of the various herbs need an integration with other professionals working in the restaurant and tourism sectors.



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