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New European Young Actors Company
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project corresponds to a KA2 : cooperating in innovating fields and teaching methods exchanges. Lasting 24 months, it is part of strategic partnerships for school education. Its prospects are to : - fight against dropping out - set new European teaching skills - create a theatre company with dropouts This project gathers 6 different partners : - Komidi association, a non-profit organisation that organizes a yearly, professional and international theatre festival. - Teatro Picaro, a professional theatre company specializing in Commedia dell'Arte - Pierre Poivre highschool, located in Saint Joseph (Reunion Island) situated in a UPR - Ischia Liceo Statale highschool located in Ischia, Italy - Balint Marton Altalanos es Középiskola located in Törökblin (Hungary) - Kaufmännische Schule Heidenheim located in Heidenheim (Germany) In each school, 20 pupils will study the characters of the Commedia Dell'Arte and will stage the play « A Midsummer Night dream » that they will perform in their respective country. Five of these pupils will enter the international company and will tour the participating countries. The Teatro Picaro company will provide a training to the teachers in charge of the project. They will go twice to each participating country to teach the pupils and go on training their teachers. Scheduled activities : 4 transnational meetings allowing to : - define the selection criteria for the pupils' appliance. Establish a procedure for the integration of pupils with specific needs. - Organize a primary and secondary school training about theatre at school. - Organize a special training for the development of theatre at school and a way to lead to the creation and management of a festival as a teaching tool ; - Create the different tools (rating, teaching sheets, what-to-do procedure, innovation mapping) - Create and finalize the video document on the project ; - feed the digital shared space - Assume the follow up work (intermediate and final reports) Training, teaching and transnational learning activities : - Setting up of a training session by the Teatro Picaro on drama and communication skills : «  the body and the speech » for the teachers - Two training sessions with the pupils and the teachers in each country : training about the commedia Dell'Arte stock characters and choice of 5 pupils who will take part in the international tour. Short term exchanges of groups of pupils during the European tour : - Final creation : the 5 selected pupils in each country will meet in La Réunion to finalize the creation. - Shows on Réunion Island, at the 2016 Komidi festival then in Ischia, Heidenheim and Budapest. The different productions will all be shared on EST, REL platforms , on national, local and school websites. The productions will be about what's been done and how to assess it. The productions will strive to present a reusable and adaptable teaching method. A synthesis of all the work sheets, assessments but also of the self-assessment, the reports, working procedures, testimonies and of the filming of the show at the Komidi festival will take the form of a dvd (or a downloadable production). The whole of Komidi's accounting is managed by a charterd accountant and certified by an auditor. The project budget will also be checked by the latters. Transnational and national quaterly meetings will shed light on the working progress. Adjustments to the oprations calendar could then be made. Quaterly collaborative steps will prepare the transnational digital meetings. This project will allow the school to open onto its immediate surroundings, to close economic, professional and cultural partnerships. This project will contribute to change the schools' image, now seen as able to use innovative practise, bringing pupils and teachers to : - a better mastering of foreign langages, collaborative tools and CIT - acquire european certificates - discover jobs related to showbusiness The activities presented in the project also lead our youth to : - reinforce their self-esteem - better their employability At the national and international levels this project will allow to reinforce the european dimension, to make teaching and training methods evolve.



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