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New Education with Web 2.0 Tools
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our school,Şehit Ahmet Tarım Ortaokulu (Secondary School) has planned a training for our managers and teachers which will be held by Teachers Training Institute in Krakow,Poland under the Erasmus + K 101 School Staff Education.The training will be given by the institute which is working on this field since 2001.The name of the training is “Web 2.0 Tools for Effective Teaching and Project Work” and it is about increasing the technology usage abilities of teachers in class. It is planned to participate in this training between the dates 02/08/2005-11/08/2015 with our 7 staff.The main reason of choosing this training among the others is,although our staff had trainings of using technology in their universities,they are not talented enough to use technology and its tool in class.For example ,our Maths teacher wants to create an training programme to make her students think easily in 3D with a perspective.Our teachers are all eager to use ICT Technologies in their classes by learning new techniques and methods .So they will be able to use smart boards more effective and efficient which are settled by Fatih Project in classes. Our Project mainly aims to ; To contribute to increase the quality of training and learning by supporting vocational development of our staff. Commitment of this aim will contribute to perform aims in EU 2020 Strategy Paper and KA1 mobility projects aims.In order to perform this aim it is planned to perform the general aims below; Special Purpose 1-To strenghten pedagocical and lingual competences of participants Special Purpose 2-To provide ICT based teaching and evaluation techniques and to strenghten their point of view in ICT usage in education. Special Purpose 3-To increase the awareness and understandings of participants about new cultures,countries and to give them a chance to develop European citizenship perception . Special Purpose 4- To develop our school’s capacity,attractiveness and international dimension The main aims of the training „Web 2.0 Tools for Effective Teaching and Project Work" which is chosen for our staff are:  to familiarize the participants with the potential of various web tools which can be used in curricular teaching and project work;  to present possible use of ICT tools while teaching sciences and humanities;  to make the participants use the tools creatively in their everyday teaching;  to demonstrate how ICT facilitates new forms of thinking and learning that require the cultivation of different and wide ranging skills;  to show how to prepare learners for the technology-rich and culturally-diverse modern societies;  to develop and disseminate innovative pedagogical methods in using web based tools;  to use a new way of producing, obtaining and applying knowledge effectively. The methodology to be used in training; Our training is based on the hands-on approach to teaching which will enable the participants to gain knowledge by its practical implementation. This means that after acquiring the basic information on the tools presented, the participants will have an opportunity to brainstorm ideas of how to use them and to deploy them within the subjects they teach. Since the language in training will be English our staff will have a chance to use English in a real language environment and they will have chance to practise and use it.Also,since ICT competences need to have known English ,they will be have to sustain their language and technologhy learning. Within the Project training our participant staff will; -Develop their experiences in learning and using new techniques and methods of Web 2.0 tools, -Prepare more effective and rich learning environments for our students regarding education Technologies and usage, -Develop new and modern methods to meet Students’ technological needs -Innovate new ways of creating classes in which the students will feel ,enjoyable and relax, -Motivate in effective and efficient education. The outputs of our training Project will be hand brochures,school exhibition areas,web site news,photos of training and training CDs and those outputs also will be used for dissemination acitivities.It is also be disseminated by our Local Education Directorate to other central and village schools by presenting training outputs.