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New communication and new technology pathways for NGO!
Date du début: 18 juin 2014, Date de fin: 18 oct. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project, named "New communication and new technology pathways for NGOs" is a response to the needs of today's non-governmental organizations that want to make their actions became more visible and organized with a great added value. The project involves 14 organizations from the following countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Spain, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland , Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary and Italy. The project least several months from June 18, 2014 but the main activities is the training course for Youth Staff and Youth Leaders, which will be held in Szklarska Poreba between 2-10 August 2014. With the knowledge of new technologies and project management skills the participating organizations and their participants are able to improve the quality of projects run by the organizations. Thanks to the latest tools used to communicate in an ultra technological era, organizations can raise their publicity and theirs actions can be more visible in the society. Cooperation with the using a Public Relations tools in NGOs is very important. In this project, we also want to put in first place the social objectives pursued as a starting point to determine the appropriate communication strategies and public relations With our training, we also want to equip organization with certain knowledge that will improve its work and have an impact in developing it’s members, so that they will be able to find more easily theirs future jobs. During this training we intend to develop a package of practices that help organizations in their daily activities from the Public Relations, the added value of the communication and project management. With this project we want to help organizations improve the efficiency of their activities related to the realizations of social goals. During the training, we would also propose how to introduce the position of Public Relations Manager in the organization and how to manage and motivate this person. Our project 's key objective is rising the quality project maintained by organization and improve their relationship with the society.



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