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New Born Memory
Date du début: 2 mars 2016, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

'New Born Memory' is a project proposal that aims to unify the young people of 8 countries and make them learn and share ideas, concepts and why not experience, having at the center the topic of Collective Memory, valued highly in the last years by many European countries and considered as a path through which to access and build the culture of inclusive citizenship. Exchange practices of this issue and put in comparison the different realities, from the more developed ones like France, Poland, Italy and Spain with those that in the last years are finding that they can deal with for a long time on this field, such as Romania, Bulgaria , Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The communist regimes in these countries has left several generations in the dark for decades, creating a society that still suffers from the isolation, starting from social to the political field.The project idea according to the objectives, aims to put the roots of the collective memory in the Albanian youth and to achieve this goal are helpful the experiences of other European countries, which have developed over the years a well-defined program on issues of collective memory. The project proposal aims precisely the orientation of young people towards a rising of a collective memory and the exchange of good practices brought by the countries of the respective partners.'New Born Memory' comes from a strand taken from URA Centre which aims at the birth of the Albanian collective memory of and beyond. In the last two years, it has shown that this issue is very interesting and involving for people. People are concerned about their past, often more than their future and this gives great importance to the collective memory and to the approach that may have in the mentality of society.With this project we want to achieve this through the youth and non-formal education as we believe that this issue will improve the approach you have with the history, but also how it is seen the past and above all the importance it holds so that does not happen again and to serve as a basis for building a future more generous and stable.The project will have within it a seminar, where the youth worker will discover and develop a tool and / or a new approach to be used with young people, through the culture of collective memory. On their return, the partners will develop local activities on this aspect and it is through these activities that they will identify young people that want to participate in a Youth Exchange on the theme of Collective Memory, having as its goal the development of the Collective Memory by young people and try to understand , all together, an optimal way so that this matter will become a real tool to access the world of young people and use this like a key for other issues.