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Date du début: 1 déc. 2008,

The training course Never Ending Stories was realized in Orvieto, was managed in cooperation with the local association Atremide and was 7 days long.The aim of it was to focus on the analysis of the youth social problems, in particular those affecting the outskirts of the biggest European cities. We involved the youngsters of the outskirts and the social workers who work in the Youth Centers and in the youth field coming from Rome, Tallin, Bucarest, Ankara, Sofia, Madrid and Dublin. We analysed the daily conflicts that can be found in these big cities, the conflicts among youngsters of different backgrounds, religions and ethnic groups; our aim was to train the youngsters making them more sensitive and respectful about the differences and to train the social workers who daily deal with these youngsters in their local activities.The idea was to create a network of trainers and youth associations settled in the outskirts of some big European cities, able to manage and to solve youth conflicts thought active methodologies, in order to support the social cohesion and involve youngsters in projects as youth exchanges, training courses and Evs. We involved the youngsters and the social workers thought the Forum Theatre and we used some methodologies and techniques used by the Forum Theatre to let them work on the social barriers and conflicts.



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