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Neue Arbeit im Ländlichen Raum: Motivation - Bildung - Begleitung. Fünf gelungene Beispiele inspirieren!
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

New Work in Rural Areas: Motivation - Education - Accompanying. Five successful examples inspired! Education + project + training- measures in rural regions in Europe are offered by adult education provider. Learning visits in Italy, Turkey, Romania, Estonia and Lithuania will have - each connected with one successful example - the content: (1) To learn from host, how they practice operational adult education in Rural Areas (Topics: Personal future opportunities / Employment) and what kind are the education offers, (2) Regarding to pedagogic and methodological aspects to learn = How adult education reach and "teaches" interested people in disadvantaged regions - motivation, inspiration? (3) Regarding to the aspect learning by doing to learn: = How adult education accompany this phase? (4) Finally regarding to personal aspects = Are participants in education activities satisfied with their new job / entrepreneur situation and are they motivated to do more for their region? Did they motivate others to use more the offers of operational adult education? Participants are: 30 employees from adult education sector /full-time and temporary staff, freelance staff. Sending country will be Germany. Main learning objectives are: - How operational adult education improve the socio-economic situation in rural areas - Gain experience: How to reach learners to reach and how to inspire them? - To explore successful examples in connection with the overall theme extensively and learn from them Effect and benefits: - Participants are inspired by success stories, to offer suitably adapted education projects in their own region - More operational educational projects support personal and job perspectives in rural areas