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Networked Smart Peripheral Cities for Sustainable Lifestyles (PERIPHERIA)
Date du début: 1 nov. 2010, Date de fin: 31 mai 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The objective of PERIPHÈRIA is to deploy convergent Future Internet (FI) platforms and services for the promotion of sustainable lifestyles in and across emergent networks of "smart" peripheral cities in Europe, dynamic realities with a specific vocation for green creativity. Its Open Service Convergence Platform, an "Internet by and for the People", extends and enhances the Save Energy project's Social Information Architecture, integrating key new components – sensor networks, real time 3D and mobile location-based services – with the FI paradigms of Internet of Things (IoT), Internet of Services (IoS) and Internet of People (IoP).PERIPHÈRIA develops the Living Lab premise of shifting technology R&D out of the laboratory and into the real world in a systemic blend of technological with social innovation. It defines five archetypical "Arenas" – specific urban settings or innovation playgrounds, with defined social features and infrastructure requirements – as the spaces where co-design and service integration processes unfold:• Smart Neighbourhood: where media-based social interaction occurs• Smart Street: where new transportation behaviours develop• Smart Square: where civic decisions are taken• Smart Museum and Park: where natural and cultural heritage feed learning• Smart City Hall: where mobile e-government services are deliveredPilot projects in the five PERIPHÈRIA Partner Cities – Malmӧ (SE), Bremen (DE), Athens (GR), Genoa (IT) and Palmela (PT) – use Serious Games to stimulate social interaction of "people in places", cross-city linking of Arenas and discovery-driven platform convergence. Transfer scenarios developed with the six Sponsoring Partner cities validate up-scalability and the emergent Network of Peripheral Smart Cities.Impact assessment, exploitation planning and widespread dissemination making extensive use of Web 2.0 approaches, all aim to assure the viral uptake and long-term sustainability of PERIPHÈRIA platforms and services.



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