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Network of Thermal Spring Sources as an Integrated System (NTheSSIS)
Date du début: 5 avr. 2012,

The main objective of the project is the creation of a joint touristic synergy based on the promotion of sustainable Thermal Tourism. The project aims at fostering thermalism, wellness and spa tourism. The project intends to help the population to age well, which is why it encourages the use of this type of tourism. The project will be implemented in the areas of Kilkis, Serres, Florina, Pella and Thessaloniki and on the other side of the border in Debar, Gevgelija, Strumica and Kocani. Main actions of the project include 3D animation and digitalization of two thermal spring sources in Greece and one in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Furthermore, the partners will organize two seminars for local stakeholders and staff of local authorities, with a view to present strategic interventions in touristic valorization and to offer training in total quality services. A targeted two-day operators promo tour in both countries will contribute to the projects extroversion and multiplication of results. Information and publicity activities include a website, newsletters, promotional material, an international conference, thematic workshops and NTheSSIS web-based and paper Atlas.



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