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Network forTuning Standards & Quality of Educ.progs. for SLT in Europe
Date du début: 1 oct. 2010,

Speech and language therapists(SLT)s are responsible for managing the needs of all people with Speech Language & Communication Difficulties (SLCD). They work in health, education, social care environments, private practice & research and can make significant contributions to people s quality of life and inclusion in terms of health, economic & psychosocial wellbeing.In order to provide effective treatment for people with SLCD, SLTs need to be highly qualified in all aspects of their work & are required to integrate academic knowledge & research skills with clinical expertise. A dynamic profession, SLT is constantly evolving to take account of new knowledge gained in the field, and to adjust working practices to comply with the ever changing systems of health service provision across the EU.CPLOL receives many enquiries from SLTs seeking to move between EU countries. Despite high levels of informal agreement amongst professionals across the EU of the expected competences of qualified SLTs, the reality shows significant variation in levels of initial education qualifications (from non-University diplomas to Masters) & a lack of agreed benchmarks for minimum standards of education & clinical competencies of newly qualified SLTs.This proposal aims to address these shortcomings by applying the Tuning methodology to the field of SLT. It will survey wide ranging current practices across the EU, from which benchmarks for SLT education will be developed. Concurrently the network established will gather & share information on innovative learning, teaching & assessment practices to develop a resource that will allow HEIs to improve standards& quality of their educational programmes and to harmonise their curricula.The network covers all EU countries and includes a range of academic and professional partners. This will ensure effective dissemination of project results to achieve the highest possible impactNetQues 184 of 264within European SLT education & SLT services to EU citizens and beyond.



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