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Network EQF DK NCP
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Danish NCP for EQF provides information to all stakeholders concerning the Danish national Qualifications Framework and the EQF as well. The Danish NCP is also the National Correspondent for the EHEA-Framework.The Danish NCP disseminates information on the level of qualifications, the application of Learning Outcomes to qualifications, other member states qualifications frameworks, referencing NQF and EQF levels on diplomas and certificates and much more.The NCP runs a website in both Danish and English. The NCP is situated within the Danish Agency for Higher Education within the Ministry of Higher education and Research. The NCP is placed within the same office as the Danish NARIC Office thus providing full scale cooperation between recognition and qualifications frameworks.The NCP also cooperates with the Danish Europass Centre concerning the second milestone: referencing levels on Danish diplomas and certificates, certificate supplements and Diploma Supplement. Denmark and the Danish NCP have reached the second milestone in 2013.The NCP also has coordinates its activities and shares knowledge with the Danish Euroguidance Centre securing information of qualifications frameworks and recognition to Danish guidance counsellors.The NCP participates in NCP meetings and in a Nordic working group with the Nordic NCPs. Where information on activities related to NCP’s, the development of qualifications frameworks, the referencing process, the integration of non-formal and international qualifications in frameworks are discussed.The Danish NCP has referenced its framework to the EQF in 2011.Activities in 2016 will be related to NCP-meetings, Nordic working group meetings with a view to discuss and gather information for the integration of non-formal and international qualifications in the Danish framework providing a basis for a future application concerning these activities.