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Date du début: 1 févr. 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Uluslararası Gençlik Aktiviteleri Merkezi Derneği is a youth NGO which was founded in 2012 in Kayseri. It was founded to arrange activities that support youth’s personal development and to contribute to the development of a youth that can generate a solution for the problems around them, are self-confident, promoter and sensitive.As an Uluslararası Gençlik Aktiviteleri Merkezi Derneği , we would like to realize a consociating and networking Project with associations accredited to the European Voluntary Organizations under training and networking for Erasmus + KA1 Youth Workers – Partner Countries. The title of our Project is “Network and Partnership for Soho”. This Project is going to be made real between 15-21 May 2016 in Kayseri, Turkey. There are 2 trainers, 2 support staff and 30 participants from 15 countries (Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, lithuania, latvia, Italy, Slovakia,Poland, Portugal, Tunisia, Jordan, Armania, Azerbaijan, and Sirbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina) and a total of 34 people will be involved in the project. The aim of this Project is to ensure the development of European cooperation among Civil Society Organizations in order to increase the number and the quality of European Voluntary Services among the EU member states, Mediterranean countries, Caucasus countries and Balkans. All partners of our Project are accredited institutions as host or coordinating organizations sending under EVS. Under European Voluntary Service, main issues that we will address in our Project are the activities aimed at increasing the number of projects between the EU member states and the neighbouring countries, creating higher quality projects, improving mobility of youth in Europe, developing their intercultural knowledge and skills along with their qualifications in this point. To make youth become more active and participant individuals, we will provide the establishment of new partnerships with promoting the formation of new projects that may allow them to gain international experience. The goals of our Project are to:1- Promote Civil society organizations’ co-operation in Europe,2- Increase the number of projects, the number of accredited institutions under EVS especially in the neighbouring countries of the EU and to promote it,3- Establish new partnerships between NGOs and to improve the quality of Erasmus programmes,4- Promote the young to participate in youth projects for the development of intercultural dialogue among,5- Increase the mobility of youth among EU and the neighbouring countries of EU,6- Develop personal and social skills of the employees working under EVS, and improve their experience and provide them with sharing those experience, 7- Ensure the visibility (especially visibility of EVS) of Erasmus programme and make it more popular in partnering countries, 8- Establish a network of exchange of information by taking advantage of ICT technology that can be used by partners and the other institutions,9- Enhance the knowledge and experience of the youth about Revised European Charter related to the Participation on Local and Regional Life.Non formal education techniques will be used in our Project. Learning by doing, experiencing by living, discussion, simulations, role-plays and group activities are some of our training methods.



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