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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Goals–Rationale The situation of employment of Young People in Europe is very poor, especially for those who are "nowhere" (NEETs). On the other hand, actions, initiatives, innovative practices arise on the field that are motivating and putting people on the move. It is important to foster such actions, propagate them towards different actors and territories, and built upon them, for another step forward. The "core mottos" of NetMe-In are: * Professional Social Networks and Digital Professional Identity Management are key to access job market; * Informal and less formal knowledge building enables to improves filed actors' Web 2.0 literacy and sets the grounds for self-esteem, confidence, trust, and commitment; * Building Accompaniment Networks in Territories and Europe with all field actors is compelling to better accompany Young People in their "Journey to Work". Background NetMe-In is inspired by the outcomes of AcroJump (LLLP-LDV 2012-2014), and the reflections of a Task Force settled by the Rhône-Alpes Region, the French Agency and FREREF on "Rethinking the links between Education, Training and Companies"; it is also rooted in more than ten years of experience in the accompaniment of publics at risk. Several recent surveys show how the use Professional Social Networks deeply impacts the recruitment processes, thus encouraging NetMe-In to take a further step froward. Target Audiences & Stakeholders Our target audiences comprise: * Young People at risk, NEETs, former NEETs; specific needs targeted: rebuilding self-esteem and trust; valuing successful experiences; valuing their Web 2.0 literacy into managing a "professional" digital identity and getting a better access to Job market; * Field Actors of the Accompaniment: teachers, trainers,people in guidance, inclusion, insertion, access to employment, etc.; specific needs targeted: improving literacy in Web 2.0 and PSNs, use of DPI and job search on the Internet; encourage working in networks with other structures of a different nature (e.g. public-private, local-international); * Actors of the Economic World: recruiters, Interim Agencies, entrepreneurship developers, social economy, etc.; specific needs targeted: getting more confident in Web 2.0 based PSNs in recruitment processes; being more involved in the pre-recruitment accompaniment process; considering NEETs with a more benevolent stance in regards for their positive experiences. The stakeholders include: Territorial Institutions: Regional bodies for Education, Employment, Youth care; the Regional economic developers; members of the economic eco-systems fostering a better access to Job Market for the young NEETs; decision and policy makers at local, regional, national and European levels acting to enable the relevant policies and systems and their improvement. Consortium The consortium comprises a "Kernel" of partners who already share the spirit and philosophy of NetMe-In: FREREF, UBS, FUEIB, Sophia R&I and CEIS, and new partners: the Stichting Dutch Foundation of Innovation Welfare 2 Work, the Bogazici University LifeLong learning Centre, the Croatian Company Cistoca and the Technica Skola Karlovac. Outcomes NetMe-In global outcomes are to: * Build Local Accompaniment Networks (LANs), and associated them into a global European Accompaniment Network (EAN); * Develop Knowledge Building Caps (KBCs), i.e. attractive on-line learning modules, to develop Web 2.0 literacy of filed actors for a more efficient management of Digital Professional Identity (DPI) and use of Professional Social Networks (PSNs); * Issue Lessons Learnt and Recommendations. Activities NetMe-In Targets and Stakeholders are implied from the start info field actions: * NetMe-In Days gathering all actors to exchange experience, reflect upon improvements in the use of PSNs, management of DPI, and building of Accompaniment Networks; * Meetings of LANs and EAN (real and virtual); * Pilot Actions to trial the KBCs with all field actors including Young People and NEETs; * Learning Mobility, enabling partners to acquire more knowledge about the areas of interest in NetMe-In, enhance practices and start building the EAN; * Final Conference, opportunity to share NetMe-In outcomes with a broader audience and prepare follow-up actions. Value creation and sustainability NetMe-in partners use the word "implication": implication results into a shared process to produce common value. People are committed on both side, the ones who "imply" and the ones who are "implied". NetMe-In main value creation process lies into implying all our target audiences, stakeholders, partner territories, into developing and appropriating innovative practices in accompanying young people in difficulties and NEETs into a better "Journey to Work"; and into fostering, supporting and sustaining actors to share these new creative approaches across Europe. All NetMe-In productions, based on Web 2.0 open sources techniques and tools are available freely.


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