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NESSI Open Framework - Reference Architecture (NEXOF-RA)
Date du début: 1 mars 2008, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2010 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Description NEXOF-RA aims to build the Reference Architecture for the NESSI Open Service Framework (NEXOF) by leveraging research in the area of service-based systems.The primary objective of NEXOF-RA is to build the Reference Architecture for the NESSI Open Service Framework (NEXOF) by leveraging research in the area of service-based systems. NESSI (Networked European Services and Software Initiative) is a European Technology Platform launched in September 2005 by industry to support Europe's software and services sector.  The NEXOF-RA Vision:   1. The scope of NEXOF-RA is to develop a holistic approach and to consolidate and trigger innovation in service-oriented economies. The context for the project is the NESSI Holistic Model on the one hand and the NESSI Open Service Framework on the other hand. Whereas the first one considers all factors that are needed to develop a true service-based economy, the second consists of an integrated, consistent and coherent set of technologies, methods and tools that are necessary to manage the service at a technical level. 2. The project aims to deliver the NEXOF Reference Architecture, which consists of guidelines provided by NEXOF-RA to strategic projects (launched by NESSI, such as EzWEB, MASTER, RESERVOIR, SLA@SOI, SOA4ALL), in a way that the results of all these projects can be coherently integrated in NEXOF. Finally, in line with NESSI's open approach, NEXOF-RA will make all the results available to other research, experimental, or commercial initiatives.3. A proof of concept which consists of a set of software artefacts the project team will use to validate the key architectural choices made.4. A roadmap for the implementation and adoption of the whole of NEXOF. This will consist of a Strategic Plan, NEXOF requirements, supporting tools such as a wiki-based collaborative working environment, and the NEXOF Repository. The NEXOF Roadmap could be an instrument of exploitation for all the NESSI Strategic Projects and other possible contributing initiatives.  One of the major challenges is handling the tension between openness, coordination and predictability is one of NEXOF-RA's major challenges. However, gains are major: 1. The project provides European industry and the Public Sector with efficient services and software infrastructures in order to improve flexibility, interoperability and quality. 2. Novel technologies, strategies and deployment policies will be developed in order to foster openness, through the increased option of open standards and open source software as well as the provision of open services. Hereby, the dynamics of the services ecosystem will also be considerably improved.3. Finally, by means of new societal applications, safety, security and the well-being of citizens will be fostered on the one hand, and the efficiency of industry, administrations and competitive jobs, enhanced.  



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