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Νέες Τεχνολογικές Εξελίξεις στην Πρωτοβάθμια Φροντίδα Υγείας
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Admittedly recent technological developments have restructured medical care, so today, new technologies offer patients a number of benefits, such as early diagnosis, faster recovery and recuperation, much shorter hospitalization and therefore a quick return to their daily lives. Apart from the quality of life of patients, the benefits of using the achievements of medical technology makes more efficient health system, since the residence time of hospitalization is reduced while simultaneously achieved and less employment of health professionals.More broadly, the adoption of the use of modern medical technology has socioeconomic implications such as increased productivity, particularly life expectancy. New drugs and the improvement brought about in therapy, new technologies in diagnostic and therapeutic armamentarium, organization and financing of health systems and the management of medical information, result in structural changes in the whole system of medical and nursing care in the country us.The reasons why this project was implemented , is the satisfaction of recorded training needs of learners Public IEK Volos belonging to the Health Sector with specialties "Assistant Nurse General Nursing", "Assistant Physiotherapist" and "Pharmacy Assistant", to know modern technological environment applicable to the sector, sustainable and integrated management of medical care, quality assurance and improvement of socio-economic implications that gives high quality primary health care services.Organization responsible for submitting, coordination and management of the project is the Youth Foundation and Lifelong Learning (INEDIVIM) / 1st Institute of Professional Training of Volos (1st IEK Volos).The main purpose of the program was for participants belonging to the target group to acquire knowledge, skills, experiences that relate both to the organization and delivery of Primary Health Care (P.H.C.), which is the first choice of the European Union as, according to the Declaration of Alma - Ata, is a new direction in the provision of health services that take into account the challenges they face health systems in combination with the rapid technological developments in the field.The project was implemented in three (3) flows in each expected to participate 12 trainees and two accompanying instructors from 1st IEK Volos Health sector, lasting two weeks each in Rome / Ascoli Piceno, Italy, in Lisbon, Portugal and Berlin, Germany.In the project, per flow, provided theoretical training and practical study of scientific personnel, thematic and technical visits and trainings to organizations and health care providers, sharing experiences and best practices, internships for students to industry that will contribute significantly to understanding of the topics of training and cultural visits. Beneficiaries will also participate in the preparation and dissemination of project results. Results in which the development of the project aims are:1. Internships, technical visits and training of students in the workplace to acquire professional skills in general hospital, in day care centers, prevention public health, drug treatment and monitoring of web methods and technological applications and solutions in the P.H.C.2. Practicing English in professional communication level3. Obtaining supplies / skills to facilitate integration into the constantly changing labor market4. Personal Development (strengthening of teamwork, the spirit of cooperation, initiative and critical thinking)5. Improve the attractiveness of public IEK6. Acquaintance of the culture and civilization of the peoples of Europe7. Opening of 1st IEK Volos abroad. The strategy of the enlarged Dissemination of project final results foreseen to create a favorable climate for skills-dexterities development in technological applications of primary health care at local and regional level, the transfer of good practices, exploring new technological solutions and applications in health care issues, development of relations and transnational cooperation, enlargement of openness to the local community to find partnerships at local, regional and European level.



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