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Need the MOST (Motivation of Our Students and Teachers ), do the best
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

To provide better quality education opportunities for our students and to meet them with European values and European vision, the objective of our project is to contribute both professional and individual developments of our teachers in the areas of basic skills. Our school took part in Comenius project which was carried out successfully together with the coordinatorship of Spain and the partnerships of 5 European countries between year 2009 and 2011. However, most of our teachers participating in the current project have no previous EU project experience and no opportunity to have been in a European country. In this regard, our project will provide basic skills for our teachers and administrators on English. Besides helping our teachers introduce and meet with the European culture, the project will also provide significant benefits to raise awareness in the fields of basic training skills for our teachers. There are 4 training programs and 27 mobilities within this one year project. 8 teachers for English course, 8 teachers for the training about Finland education system, 6 teachers for the self-awareness training and 5 teachers for creative teaching course will take part in the project. Being volunteer in learning and teaching process, being successful at motivation and coordination and being innovative and eager to work will be the selection criteria for the teachers. Expected Results of our project are; - Realization of 27 mobilities from our school to different countries of Europe. - Providing direct interaction and communication with at least 50 colleagues from different schools of Europe. - Having at least 9 Europass Mobility Certificates for our teachers. - Organization of dissemination seminar in our school at the end of each course. - Filling needs analysis questionnaire and training evaluation questionnaire before and after each course - Having evaluation reports of 3 different training institutions about the attendance of the trainees and their overall performance. - Raising awareness of our current 293 students and 33 staffs about European values and motivating them about the basic skills and projects. With the help of EU teachers network and the basic skills acquired, long term benefits of this project will be understanding the diverseness and having respect for the diverseness by determining the pedagogical needs of our students and teachers, participation in the learning process by generating projects, enhancement of the motivation for our school, providing our students better education supported by innovative ideas in an international quality through 2015-2020 period. Thus, there will be a possibility to reach the objective on the way to be a school having all these facilities.