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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

By initiating an international educational project, the management of our school wishes to motivate teachers to undertake international mobilities, as well as experiences exchange. All of those are to increase self-improvement and enhance teacher’s qualifications. The project involves the participation of a group of 15 teachers - teachers of early childhood education and English language teachers. Those are people with specific professional achievements, level of education, who are oriented on further increasing their competence and qualifications. Foreign job-shadowing practices that relies on the observation of classes taught by other teachers, is an excellent opportunity to know the principles of operation of foreign schools, as well as conducting observations and interesting activities. It also allows participation in innovative educational projects. The overall objective of the project is to familiarize participants (teachers) with solutions in the field of education at the basic level on the example of Cypriot schools. Specific objectives of the project are: - to acquire new skills and competencies; - to stimulate an open and flexible learning; - to strengthen openness to learning mobility; - to increase knowledge of work organization system in Cypriot schools; - to encourage international cooperation; - to improve language skills of participants; - to promote best solutions in the field of basic education; - to assure international networking; - to implement new solutions; Results of the project: - improvement of skills of participants; - personal and professional development of project’s participants; - knowledge of educational innovation; - validation of informal learning; - 15 participants will receive certificates "Europass MOBILITY"; - 15 participants will receive certificates confirming participation in pedagogical, cultural and language training; - 15 participants will receive certificates of completion of the project.



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