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Nauczyciel i szkoła na miarę XXI wieku
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Primary School in Bodzanów is a small educational institution situated in Głuchołazy district in the south-west part of Poland. There are 66 students at the school being taught by 10 teachers. The teachers are involved in different actions concentrated on the integration of the whole school community – students, parents and teachers. The school is focused on foreign languages teaching, therefore students and teachers were taking part in the Comenius project (2010-2012) making friendship with the schools from the Czech Republic, Turkey and Slovakia. The main school objectives being realized within the confines of the project Erasmus + and the program “The teacher and the school of the 21st century” are: - The effective teaching based on the innovative educational methods - Increasing the level of English language competence among the pedagogical staff - Creating the system of partner schools and developing the possibility of participating in international projects - Having the solid position among the other schools in our region There are eight teachers chosen to participate in the project, among them there are: English and French teacher, PE and computer technology teacher, Polish teachers and the youngest learners teachers. Their participation in the foreign language courses will help to implement pedagogical innovations into the majority of the subjects realized at school. The huge advantage of the project is English language promotion. It will better support realization of the projects based on the international cooperation. The school participation in the project consists on including all communities – students, teachers and parents. Our school will take up actions leading to popularization of the project and promoting our attendance in the international courses. Taking part in the courses abroad will facilitate to familiarize teachers with methods practiced in the European schools. The teachers are the most interested in the working methods with the youngest students. They want to adjust the school curriculum to the students needs and their potential. They also wish to promote the learning process through the realization of the educational projects which would involve not only teachers but also the students. It is also planned to use multimedia techniques frequently during the lessons exploiting the school base. The courses can be the occasion to make acquaintances with people from all over the Europe and to work together in the future. Thanks to making use of the eTwinning platform by the teachers it is considered to make contacts with foreign schools and institutions in order to realize educational projects. It is important to make good use of acquired language skills. The elements of English will be included in the curriculum of some subjects. The school is planning to organize students exchange, to take up international projects and to sustain new relationships via internet and eTwinning platform. The school is concerned about teachers language practice during conversation meetings. Thanks to applying some evaluation activities it will be possible to measure the effectiveness of the teaching methods as well as to determine the elements requiring necessary improvement. The process of implementing innovative solutions and their influence on students’ engagement at lessons and extra classes will be controlled by systematic evaluation of teachers’ work. It will be achievable to raise the standard of education at school by profiting from modern teaching methods and experience of European tutors. More interesting and various lessons will certainly motivate students to learn and to develop their talents. Intensified learning process will lead to include students into the international cooperation projects and their language competence will be increased and practiced during the partner exchanges. Multicultural comprehension will facilitate not only to build open mind attitude towards other European customs and traditions but also to respect them and to have a better life in multicultural society in the future. All the undertaken actions within the project will contribute to extend the educational offer of the school. What’s more, enhanced activity in the international arena will have influence on school prestige and on an increased amount of students attending the school in the future.