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Nauczanie i wychowywanie dzieci ze szczególnymi potrzebami edukacyjnymi przy zastosowaniu nowych technologii.
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Teaching and bringing up children with special educational needs applying new technology methods" carrying out by lower secondary school Gimnazjum im. Polskich Olimpijczyków in Lewin Brzeski. There are 245 students and 31 teachers in our school and we are the only lower secondary school in the town of Lewin Brzeski which has the population of about 6 thousands inhabitants. Almost 1/4 teenagers of our school have special educational needs, these are disabled students, students with difficulties in learning process, students with social problems, students with chronic diseases, but also very gifted and talented students who present extraordinary educational abilities. Our long-standing experience in teaching children let us deliver a statement that new technology and innovative multimedia teaching methods give us better results in teaching process, they are better accepted by children and they are more effective for all students regardless of their personal predispositions. Although in our project we mainly aim at using multimedia methods and ICT technology for students with special educational needs. The idea of our project was getting to know more methods and technics connecting with new technology and widening applying them in teaching system for teenagers, especially paying attention to students with special educational requirements. There were 2 teachers in our project who tried to use multimedia methods and ICT technics in their school work with young people, including children with special needs and additionally they can speak English language. Ability of using English was essential because the main point of our project was taking part in a five-day-course in Cyprus in Georgios Charalambous Institute, Paphos. Now we can introduce the teachers’ profiles: Jadwiga Stagrowska – psychologist, oligophrenopedagogue, English language teacher, secondary school examiner. In 2007 she was the coordinator of the Comenius Language Course in Turkey (students’ exchange). In her school work she applies new technology, multimedia and IT methods. Ewa Sierakowska – pedagogue and English language teacher. She is also a tutor for students with special educational needs with psychological-pedagogical decisions and who require our special care. Every day at work she uses multimedia, new technology and IT methods. On the 16th of August we went to Cyprus to attend the course. Attending the course enabled us to widen and extend our knowledge on fast technological changes and applying them in educational process. After coming back to Poland we started using the knowledge acquired from the course in our everyday work. We have also spread that knowledge among other teachers and among educational authorities in our region. We have widen the multimedia methods and ICT techniques using for teaching student, especially with special educational needs. The next additional advantage was learning about Cypriot Educational System. We also exchanged our experiences with other course participants, and we talked about the most effective ways of using new technology at school, we learned how other countries copy with problems concerning very fast changes in the field. We increased our information on the attitude to students during school education. We deepened and improved our language competences because all classes during the course were held in English language. Apart from taking part in foreign training in Cyprus, we worked on our project in Poland, in our region and in our school too. It let us put together positive experiences gained from the foreign course with our knowledge and experiences. It effected better results in terms of widening our knowledge, our abilities, our competences and getting more empathic attitude to the students. We have shared our knowledge gained from the course and the whole project with the teachers of our school and the teachers of other schools in the region. Our information and experiences obtained during the course we will apply systematically in our everyday work at school for many next years. In spreading information about our project and international course, we pay special attention to advantages and possibilities which we were given by European Union and Program Erasmus+.