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NATURE is Calling Us! (DOĞA Bizi Çağırıyor!)
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

History of the Project; Our institution figured out the concepts required to develop in terms of eduction and instruction by the help of necessity forms that are provided to the parents and the instructors The aim of the Project; -To put an emphasis to the environment/nature studies within the education program of the institution more effectively, -To provide students get wide experience on creativity by terms of studies, -To observe how materials in nature contribute to creativity - To determine how natural materials reflect on educational environment and the practices, -To higlight the effects of natural materials on developing the creativity in children through the instructions those to be given to the parents, -To compare the interpretation and practice of two different culture and eduction system on the same subject during the practice of the Project, -To bear universal value and concepts, and reach more people and create awereness for education. -To enable the people reflect their expreriences to the educational environment following the Project. The number and profile of attenders ; The Project team consists of one school director (Pschological consultant and student advisor) and four pre-school teachers. The school director has got his Masters Degree on ‘Consultation and Research in Pre-Schools’ and continue his doctor’s degree. One of the teachers is the senior employee in his working life. And served in different locations of the counrty for many years. One of the other teachers has been qualified in Private Education, and has various certficates on this field. One of them has got trainings in GEMS and Reggio Emilia Education systems and has the capability for applying. The last person had been to Holland during his bachelor’s degree via Erasmus Programme and had the chance to observe and get apprenticehip on Montessorie Education System. Introduction of Activity; The Group: Ten girls-ten boys/4-5 years/Twenty students and two teachers Activity: Near environment - nature trip 1st Application Process: The children are let to explore the environment. They are encouraged to examine the natural waste materials (in terms of structure,shape,weight etc…) and their ideas about the materials are taken down. The teacher only informs the children about that they will make acitivities with the natural materials and leave them free with the timing. Collected materials would be classified within 3-4 stations depending on the classroom conditions. The children are led to think for a while by the question what they would do with the materials. At the end of the period the children are free to choose any type and quantity of the material and they are informed about that they would create any type of goods they want. And the teachers encourage their active roling within the period. The outputs are analysed individually and filed by photos at the end of the period. 2nd Application Process: Following the visit of our institiution to the collaborate institution for the observing the process, our collegues would present the Project subject by a meeting. At the end of this meeting, the methods and the practice about the nature/environment, creativity of the teachers and the communication differences would be observed and noted down. The pictures of the individual studies would be shown to the children of the collaborative institution. And the children would gain perspective to the natural materials at the end of the presentation. After that, a bulletin board (2m x 1m) would be prepared to let the children attach their own products made of natural raw materials. The individual products would be exhebited and archieved. 3rd Application Process: When the application process of the Project with the collaborate institution is finished, all the process would be re-considered in terms of problems, as done usually with the students in our own institution. After that, a bulletin board (2m x 1m) would be prepared to let the children attach their own products made of natural raw materials. The finished products would be archived and showed to the children to make sure that they gain perspective. The methodolgy: Survey, Form, Brain-storming, Question-Answer, Presentation techiques and methods are used throughout the Project. Foreseen results and effects: The students and the adults are let to give meaning to and respect the concept of nature/environment and creativity Possible benefits within long term; To get attention and sensitivity of different groups of people by spreading the idea.



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