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Natural and Cultural NETwork for the Promotion and Integration of Transnational Resources (NCNET)
Date du début: 2 janv. 2012, Date de fin: 27 juin 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

NCNET project aims at developing a cross-border network between natural ecosystems and cultural heritage, in order to improve protection conditions of natural and cultural resources of the case study areas and enhance transnational sustainable development and territorial planning. Emphasis is given on sustainable tourism practices in both environmentally sensitive areas, included in the NATURA 2000 network, as well as important cultural areas with traditional settlements, historical buildings and landmarks. NCNET focuses on the creation of the appropriate framework, which will facilitate partners to manage and coordinate activities, targeted at safeguarding important ecosystems and cultural heritage.Projects sub-objectives are the following:- Development of a Strategic Management Plan for the management and promotion of natural and cultural resources in the study areas, in the respect of sustainability. - Information, education and raising awareness among local communities, stakeholders and visitors on the importance of natural and cultural resources - Promotion of local communities economic and social sustainable development - Protection and promotion of less known natural and cultural resources that are part of national and international networks.- Promotion of the implementation of common cross-border strategies, which enhance cooperation and safeguard environmental sustainability. Expected Results: NCNET will contribute to the promotion and sustainable management of natural and cultural heritage. The present project will lead to the development of management strategies in order to protect the environmental and cultural resources, by limiting extensive human activities and providing crucial guidelines for sustainable resources exploitation. NCNET will promote the special natural and cultural characteristics of the particular area, providing incentives for development in local society and economy, with a view of promoting the particular regions as tourist destinations.Through projects transnational nature, NCNET will form a basis for exchange of knowledge, information and good practices for both regions. Proposed guidelines and methodologies will set up successful cross-border management, helping stakeholders to create synergies in order to solve environmental transnational problems under a unified identity. Both regions will participate in data analysis procedures, conferences and meetings to upgrade their r&d capacity. Transnational cooperation will also contribute to elimination of discrimination between the two parties and give opportunities for development of frontier areas. Projects implementation will also have positive effects on local communities information on environmental and cultural issues, serving educational purposes, as people will have the opportunity to participate in workshops.Sustainable management of the areas of interest will result to the improvement of ecosystems biodiversity and thus its aesthetical improvement, leading to the successful combination of ecosystems health and human wellbeing.Furthermore, through the proposed project a website and a database will be developed serving the purpose of information dissemination. NCNET will be the first network developed in cooperation between the particular areas and partners.



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  • 2007 - 2013 Greece - Albania IPA CBC (EL-AL)
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