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National Session of EYP Finland in Lahti
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 mars 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project, National Session of EYP Finland in Lahti is a huge project which takes place 8.1.2016-11.1.2016. The project started by selecting the two Head Organisers for the session. Head Organisers are in charge of budgeting, fundraising, reserving the venues and planning the actual session. The Board of EYP Finland is guiding and supervising the project f.ex. in financial matters. Our objective is to gather together young people, aged from 16-22 years, to discuss about European issues and politics. There will be participants from both Finland and other European countries (partner organisations). The Finnish participants are selected to the sessiong through a regional selection process. After the National Session, participants will be selected to foreign session, organised by our Partner Organisations. The session aims to raise awareness on European youth politics and ones opportunities as a European citizen. We encourage participants to fruitful discussion, own opinions and staying openminded regarding to other participants ideas. The Session lasts for four days. The first day is dedicated to teambuilding and creating a group spirit. Teambuilding includes problem solving activities which are good practise for the Committee Work, which takes place on the second and third day of the session. During the Committee Work the committee discusses the issue being addressed and they compare their ideas regarding to problems and solutions of the issue. The Chairperson of the committee is supervising and helping the participants. The results of the discussion is collected as a resolution. All the resolutions will be combined into a Resolution Booklet. The Resolution Booklet will be used during the General Assembly, which will take place on the fourth day of the session. In the GA, the participants debate and vote each resolution one by one. The results of the project will be coordinated internationally. Those participants who will get selected to further events will receive their session place from other National Committees. We also collect data from the session in the form of feedback template. This is how we can improve our events in the future. We also coordinate the results with the International Office of EYP in Berlin. We hope that the young participants will get the best out of the session and carry this experience with them for a long time. We hope that due to our session they become active citizens who think critically, form opinions and ideas and are ready to discuss about European issues. Hopefully the participants become active members of EYP Finland and are able to organise events in the future.



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