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Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project "Our skills are your skills" is focused on solving the issue of teaching foreign languages at the Private Gymnasium ŽP. We have decided to focus on this issue considering the important role of language skills in today's global society.As the main objective of the project we defined: To increase the competence of English and Russian language teachers for increasing language competences of students and graduates necessary for their success in the labor market.The main objective of the project includes several sub-areas that are appropriate for the specific objectives of the project:1. To provide foreign language teachers high quality education for the development of their competencies.2. To apply the acquired competences in the learning process.3. To incorporate a qualitative change in language teaching in the educational process.Three teachers of foreign languages – Russian and English will participate in this project and each will complete a structured course in a country where it is possible to achieve deeper cultural awareness, pronunciation and other specific aspects of the language in addition to learning the language itself.The first project participants for the English language, according to their primary needs to bring "fresh wind" into the education process using modern methods, attends a course called "Creativity in the classroom." The second project participant also completes the English language course "Pronunciation and storytelling" focused on storytelling and the specific issue of the correct pronunciation, which is an important but neglected part. Both courses take place in the UK. The third project participant has decided for the Russian language course "Communication and active grammar" in Latvia. The main objective is focused on efficient ways to learn the language with respect to its specific features and motivation of students.The main outcome of the project activities will be linguistic competence of teachers of English and Russian language. Teacher competence will then be part of the learning process, good practice will be incorporated into the pedagogical documentation and spread to other language teachers.The long-term impact of the project for teachers will be the overall change in the approach to teaching foreign languages, and improvement of their language skills. For students it will also mean improving their language skills and thereby improving their study results and consequently increase their competencies as high school graduates. They will gain greater choice of quality high school or the next employment. The school will open towards foreign countries, its ability to accept changes will be improved and it also increases the value of human capital school.



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