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Narrative educational resources for socio professionnal inclusion
Date du début: 1 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project falls within the framework for the fight against unemployment and exclusion. It is based on the principle that a lever, of a more equitable and effective social and occupational integration, is based on a better understanding of socio-economic environments by people responsible for socioprofessional inclusion (SPI), but also on a better knowledge of psychosocial phenomena in connection with social and professional exclusion and the world of work. The general objective is to overcome the lack of effective, open-source educational resources to help people affected by socio-professional exclusion. Through these new resources and their proper implementation methods, we intend to promote effective use by the targeted stakeholders working with the socio-professional integration of beneficiaries in different EU contexts. The project aims to allow the creation and use of open educational resources (OER), to the attention of actors whose mission is the social and professional inclusion (SPI) of precarious people. We postulate that learning using specific biographical narratives are strongly recommended in order to achieve some complex levels of learning (learning of cognitive strategies, of synthesis, of analysis, of relations between different principles) and to develop a critical thinking. The project will implement activities in order to create OER. An initial survey will allow an analysis of different national structures dealing with SPI, job profiles and training profiles of SPI worker, and needs assessment. A web platform will allow practitionner to share their work and ressources (OERs and surveys). IO activities will lead to create OER : Local activities for collect and build stories, transnational activities of scientific and pedagogical resources production (including indexing of it), implementation and testing of OER in different educational contexts. Two joint staff trainings will allow partners to share their knowledge in order to execute the OER production tasks. The project involve 8 partners from 8 countries: 2 universities (Vytautas Magnus University, LT and Loughborough University, UK), a HE school (WSBINOZ, PL), a SPI operator/training center (Perspectives, BE), a training center for trainer (ELC, ES), an association specialized in digital storytelling (MeP, IT), an association of academic staff member specialised in pedagogy of science using narrative methodologies (Research Paths, EL) and an organisation specialised in SPI analysis and training of SPI worker (Transfer, FR)



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