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Narratīvais koučings un mediācija – jaunas mācību metodes pieaugušo izglītībā un uzņēmējdarbības veicināšanā
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Baltic Franchising Foundation strategy of development implies the necessity to enlarge its learning services, improve the quality criteria, ensuring the competitiveness and larger inclusion into EU context. Primarily, it is based on the requirement of Baltic Franchise Foundation’ staff to enlarge the scope and quality of their specific competences. Secondly, it has been found that the required knowledge cannot be acquired using the learning services available at national level. Regarding the amounts of business disputes submitted to civil courts it is observed that the resolution process has become considerably lengthy making the settlement even more expensive. Along with the businessmen involved in franchising, requests have come from a wider range of business representatives regarding options of mediation and support for out of court settlement of business conflicts whom expressed their dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs and the legalistic approach. It requires novel methods of efficient business conflicts resolution – i.e. business mediation. Whilst relations among Franchiser and Franchisee are strictly asymmetric, BFF considers deeper knowledge and skills of narrative coaching are needed to ensure that equal support is provided to both sides in franchise. That will include support on mobilizing internal and attracting external resources, conceptualizing, managing and initiating business processes at a new level of quality. The challenges in labor market demanding active initiatives of employment policies calls forth BFF to seek new approaches how to enhance motivation of long-term unemployed persons, individuals in pre-retirement period and youngsters to become self-employed. BFF considers that new methods and approaches of narrative coaching towards the motivation of entrepreneurship to be acquired and transmitted to business consultants and coaches and other concerned persons gives better opportunity to identify, stimulate and build the intent to start business, esp. among socially excluded groups. A special attention is paid to methods enhancing the social entrepreneurship. Participants – T. Melehova and E. Rupeks have more than 20 years worth of experience in business management and consulting, and have been closely involved in advancing franchising and business in general. More on participants profiles at: Activities orientate towards acquiring comprehensive knowledge of business mediation in order to use the advantages of the method and spread these competences among business consultants and coaches. While the advance of narrative coaching is increasing, activities in this respect will be oriented towards detailed learning of this method. The aim is to use the approach when dealing with small and medium size enterprises, develop this knowledge for further dissemination beyond national borders. The project partner is ‘In Dialogue’ Ltd. There are two learning mobilities and the exchange of the best practices about the conflict mediation and narrative coaching accordingly to be hold in Copenhagen (Denmark) during 2016. The methodology to be used is both a qualitative and quantitative approach, e.g. the establishment of relevant focus groups, discussions within their remit, provision of the seminar and conference sessions, the consistent application of SMART method to goal-setting. The project aims to drive cooperation within a virtual environment, including face to face collaboration with reputed business training and consulting companies. The result would be measured in the first instance by the increase in the overall scope and quality of participants’ competencies to be used at everyday’s professional activities. Secondly, the acquisition of new skills in the mentioned fields would enhance the raise of self-employment and business, which will be acquired and transmitted further to business consultancy and other concerned individuals, would give fair contribution in diminishing the risks of social expulsion and inequality. The impact of the project at all levels characterizes as the newly acquired knowledge and its implementation – the transfer of the best practices, their further dissemination, advancing the raise of the entrepreneurship in the long run with its purpose to erase the inequalities among different regions and counties of the EU. In Latvia it will positively influence business consultancy providing it with innovations that stimulate to start and develop businesses, increase BFF’s weight in this milieu, leaving a positive impression on the larger part of business community. In the cross-border context, BFF hopes to rank itself among the leading organizations which promotes and supports small and medium-size companies, incl. social businesses, to become an incontestable leader in the area of franchising development, someone transferring in long-run its knowledge and experience also into the framework of EU’s Eastern Partnership.